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Geography & Geology : The trouble with sea cucumbers

FAO report says overfishing putting sea cukes at risk
Under pressure: sea cucumbers around the world are overfished.

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Medicine : How Long Does It Take to Rebuild Bone Lost During Space Flight?
Posted by niccosan on 2007/2/26 1:40:00 (2113 reads)

Are bigger bones stronger bones? Not necessarily, according to a recent NASA study that seeks to ensure healthy bones in astronauts.

A four-year study of the long-term effects of microgravity on the bones of International Space Station crew members showed that the astronauts, on average, lost roughly 11 percent of their total hip bone mass over the course of their mission.

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Geography & Geology : Crack-down on Chemicals Criminals in Asia Pacific Registers First Successes
Posted by niccosan on 2007/2/12 1:30:00 (2596 reads)

Customs Officers Intercept Illegal Ozone Damaging Substances Under UNEP-Backed Project Skyhole Patching
A new initiative to monitor and curb illegal trade in chemicals that damage the ozone layer-- the Earth’s protective shield-- has begun registering some of it first promising results.
Today it was announced that seizures of up to 64.8 tons of illegal ozone depleting substance (ODS) have been reported in China, India, Thailand and other countries following the start of Project Skyhole Patching.

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Space & Astronomy : Spacecraft Set to Reach Milestone, Reports Technical Glitches
Posted by niccosan on 2007/2/8 1:30:00 (2638 reads)

Information about the builders of two instruments has been addded in the last paragraph.

NASA's Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter spacecraft this month is set to surpass the record for the most science data returned by any Mars spacecraft. While the mission continues to produce data at record levels, engineers are examining why two instruments are intermittently not performing entirely as planned. All other spacecraft instruments are operating normally and continue to return science data.

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Geography & Geology : After historic ratification, European countries meet for the first time to improve water management and curb water-related diseases
Posted by niccosan on 2007/1/17 1:20:00 (1998 reads)

On 17 January 2007, the Parties to the Protocol on Water and Health to the 1992 Convention on the Protection and Use of Transboundary Watercourses and International Lakes are meeting in Geneva for the first time. Their goal is to translate into action the Protocol’s provisions for the coming three years. The meeting is expected to launch ambitious programmes to prevent, control and reduce water-related diseases.

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Notice Prints : Acces to Safe Water and sanitation in Europe Stagnating for over 15 years
Posted by niccosan on 2006/11/27 18:40:00 (4998 reads)
Notice Prints

Note for the press EURO/20/06 Copenhagen, Rome, Szentendre, 27 November 2006

Sections of the European population are still struggling with "traditional" environmental health problems, poor water and sanitation being one of the most urgent. The 22nd meeting of the European Environment and Health Committee (EEHC) will take place in Szentendre, Hungary, on 27-28 November 2006. It was in Hungary in 2004 that European ministers committed to protecting children's health from a harmful environment (see below). The EEHC meeting, hosted by the Regional Environmental Centre for Central and Eastern Europe, will assess progress in the European Region in reducing water-related disease among children.

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Posted by niccosan on 2006/11/27 1:20:00 (2091 reads)
Notice Prints

UNHCR/WFP News Release 27 November 2006

The UN refugee agency and the World Food Programme on Monday appealed for the rapid restoration of order in volatile eastern Chad following weekend unrest in which mobs looted warehouses storing vital aid supplies for hundreds of thousands of Darfurian refugees and Chadians.

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Space & Astronomy : Integral catches a new erupting black hole
Posted by niccosan on 2006/11/27 1:20:00 (2459 reads)
Space & Astronomy

Integral catches a new erupting black hole

27 November 2006

ESA's gamma-ray observatory, Integral, has spotted a rare kind of gamma-ray outburst. The vast explosion of energy allowed astronomers to pinpoint a possible black hole in our Galaxy.

The outburst was discovered on 17 September 2006 by staff at the Integral Science Data Centre (ISDC), Versoix, Switzerland. Inside the ISDC, astronomers constantly monitor the data coming down from Integral because they know the sky at gamma-ray wavelengths can be a swiftly changing place.

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News : Aboard shrimp trawlers, a quiet revolution
Posted by niccosan on 2006/11/23 1:50:00 (10703 reads)

23 November 2006, Rome.
FAO-run project reduces environmental impacts - effort featured in BBC documentary

23 November 2006, Rome - Shrimp -- a small animal with a giant-sized footprint.

It is the world's most sought-after seafood commodity: some 3.5 million tons of the many-legged delicacy are pulled from the ocean's waters each year, with another 2.4 million tons raised on aquatic farms.

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Notice Prints : 
Posted by niccosan on 2006/11/22 1:10:00 (2255 reads)
Notice Prints

Joint News Release WHO/Rotary International/CDC/UNICEF/71 22 November 2006

Kabul - The World Health Organization (WHO) and UNICEF, concerned about the health of all people in Afghanistan, especially the health of children, today called for the safe access of local health workers and vaccinators during polio immunization campaigns and other health activities all over Afghanistan, but particularly in the Southern Region. The latest nationwide polio campaign was launched on 19 November, with further district-level immunization activities planned for the rest of this year and throughout 2007.

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Geography & Geology : NASA Technology Captures Massive Hurricane Waves
Posted by niccosan on 2006/9/26 1:40:00 (6501 reads)
Geography & Geology


A hurricane's fury can be relentless, from frightening winds, to torrential rains and flooding. These storms also create enormous ocean waves that are hazardous to ships. And through storm surges of up to 30 feet the storms can demolish shoreline structures, erode beaches and wash out coastal roads.

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